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Alaska's easy to get to remote, quiet and beautiful "Trailhead Cabins".

Comfy cabins, easily accessible to the remote wilderness of the White Mountains, Alaska 

A short drive from Fairbanks, Alaska



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Home to Alaska's Trailhead Cabins

Close to Fairbanks and easily accessible to the remote wilderness of the White Mountains.

Inside Trailhead Cabins Alaskan remote cabinsTrailhead Cabins are on Haystack Mountain 30 miles north of Fairbanks on the edge of the White Mountains, Alaska. "Haystack" is a low mountain among many surrounding hills and "Domes" as they are locally called.

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The elevation is 2500 feet; more than 2002 feet above the valley floor. This offers an extraordinary panorama from a boreal forest perch. Tree-line is just above the cabins and a short hike provides alpine scenery.

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These new accommodations are smoke-free, private one room "dry" log cabins. We created the cabins to give the feel of a sourdough without the worry.

Equipped with:

  • bedded bunks (double below, twin above)
  • gear loft
  • microwave
  • toaster oven
  • coffee maker
  • refrigerator
  • water dispenser
  • table/chairs

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The wood stove has been replaced by a super efficient Toyo heater...much safer and hassle free. The new appliances offer modern convenience ...relax. A continental breakfast will be available in the ' you may enjoy the morning without leaving your cabin.

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We are open all year... these cabins are comfy at 40 below. The "privy" or outhouse is an integral part of the sourdough lifestyle and the sub-alpine location limits the available water. They are clean, roomy and airy with window views. It is not a "port-o-potty" but rather an outdoor toilet.

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Shower and laundry facilities are available nearby on the Elliot Highway. Other provisions are up to you. Prepare for an Extremely Alaskan experience.

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Closed during "breakup" better known as mud season... April through May.

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Credit card only, 1 week advance cancellation notice.

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Summers are warm, often in the eighties, sunny with occasional rain showers through August.

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Winters can reach 40 below and you must come prepared.

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All cabins and gift shop feature art and gifts by locals.

Home to Alaska's Trailhead Cabins

Trailhead Cabins
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